Dominik Vrabič Dežman

Through the Societal Looking-Glass

Deep-blue visuals employed to represent ‘AI’ and other emergent technologies have flooded the mediasphere — the glowing imagery goes hand-in-hand with the sensationalised language employed to write about these new technologies. In liaison with the media, massive image platforms form sites of fabrication of the vision that permeates our social imaginary.

Through the Societal Looking-Glass proposes a set of methods to address public-facing digital images as objects of study.

A continuous web scraper, exploratory interface, and physical installation mobilise a toolkit for examining trends in the public visual mediation of emergent technologies over time.

The project seeks to serve as an applied toolkit for digital researchers and as a cornerstone for communal reflections on the legitimacy of public image-making, the commercial image economy, and visual literacy in our digitally mediated present.